We have a membership program

Fees of £20.00 per family per year (to cover our administrative costs).

Your family can take advantage of our play activities for ASD children and siblings throughout the year.

These are during school holidays.

Our mailing list and Facebook page will provide you with updates, and you'll be able to attend support meetings.

Additionally, you will be able to join our online support page, where you will find out what we are up to and get support from other people experiencing similar issues to yours. 

We feel this service is essential to the kids lifes. Without them, they might not have an opportunity to interact with others in a way that the general public may take for granted since an ASD child

would not feel comfortable attending things like a youth club.

Additionally, our meetings and events are sometimes the only time their parents get to interact with like-minded adults

who face the same types of problems without feeling judged.

To become a member, please purchase your membership below.

We will email a membership form.

Please complete the form; we will be in touch if we require additional information.

In the meantime,

if you have any questions or concerns,

please do not hesitate to get in touch.