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What We Do

Our small local charity in Ayrshire supports families and carers of children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We aim to provide information and support to parents and carers by sharing our experiences and referring to other organisations that can help with specific problems.

We provide kids with play activities and events during Easter,Summer and October holidays. Our young person's coordinator and advocate organises all of our play activities.

The entire organisation is self-funded by fundraising throughout the year.

Events such as raffles, fun days and online events are among the many fundraising activities we organise.

The general running of the charity is by an elected management committee (all parents).

Often, guest speakers from health, education and other charities speak at our support group meetings.

Those with Autism, their family members or friends are welcome to attend.

We love celebrating our young people and all of their accomplishments.

We enjoy watching the kids shine in areas they wouldn't have attempted without SAAS.

A particularly emotional moment occurred at the first drama group party when a young man was so shy his mum was afraid to leave him, she did. When she returned to watch the show later, he was dressed as a superhero and delivered his lines perfectly. She was so overcome with emotion that it made all the hard work throughout the year worthwhile.

As a charity, we feel our services are essential to our members lives. The kids would not be able to attend events and experience the level of social interaction that other kids take for granted because a child with

ASD would not feel comfortable attending a youth club.

We allow parents to meet with like-minded adults who have encountered similar problems

without feeling judged at our meetings and events.

Due to COVID-19, we cancelled our in person meetings and play activities.

We have re-started our activities, and are working on getting our meetings back up and running.

During Covid-19, we offered support via online meetings instead of in person, which has allowed our parents to keep in touch during the lockdowns and maintain friendships.

Our young person's co-ordinator (Celine), through our Facebook page, provided daily craft and activities for our Cyber SAASy project. This ran from March 2020 until April 2021.

As most of our members were struggling with the change in routine, this was extremely helpful to them.

In addition to online meetups, Cyber SAASy also provided bingo nights and quiz nights for our families.

We delivered food parcels and activity packs to our members during the lockdowns, to enable families to participate in Cyber SAASy.

When restrictions changed, SAAS adapted and provided a1:1 service where the children could play games, colour, bake and socialise in a safe environment with people who knew how to support them.

As a result, our young people have become more used to seeing and socialising with others, which will enable them to participate in our activities once we re-start them.

Meet Us

Our Managment Committee


Sharon Stobbs


Hi I'm Sharon and I am the chairperson of SAAS. I have been involved with the charity for the past 15 years. ...My husband and my four grown up kids all have Autism and associated conditions. They look at the world in a different way, what a boring world we would live in if we were all the same.


Celine Dyer


Hi, I'm Celine, and I am the vice-chairperson of SAAS and the Manager of the Igloo. ... I have been a part of SAAS for as long as I can remember (Around 15 Years!). I have Autism myself and have been a carer for my three sisters, who also have autism and several other additional support needs. I currently look after my 14 year old sister-in-law who also has additional support needs. As an individual with ASD who has extensively studied Additional Support Needs and has a background in education, I am well-equipped to support our families and young people. If you come along to any SAAS event, chances are I will be there!


Charlene McCusker


Hi I'm Charlene and 2 of my children havea diagnosis of autism. I have been involved in the charity for several years . ...I believe the advice you receive from parents and carers are move valuable than professionals as we live the life directly . South Ayrshire autistic society are a family to everyone who know us .


Valerie McClure


Hi i'm Valeire, I have been a member of the charity for several years. My son was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD at... a young age and I found myslef in a very scary place with limited help and information available. Thankfully I met Sharon and became a member of the SAAS family, there help and support has been invaluable over the last few yeras, my family would have really struggled without them.

some of our committee


Allan Price

Committee Member

SAAS is a great support network in helping parents and carers in achieving the best for the people that they care for....Whether it is through the monthly support meetings for parents and carers or the activities run for the people that require the care like LA Bowl, and Heads of Ayr farm park to name a few. I'm a part of SAAS because it is essential in having the most information in dealing with someone who is on the autistic spectrum and the best chance that they can in fulfilling their wishes to the fullest whilst dealing with the challenges that come with it. My nephew Nick was diagnosed in 2013 with Asperger's and we have been a part of the SAAS family since then. They are a great support network.


Lizz Reeves

Committee Member

Hi, I'm Lizz. I'm 42 and mum to Daisy, Ewan and Hayley. I've been a member of saas since we moved to Coylton at the end of 2020. ... We didn't know anyone. It was during that weird period when you weren't meant to travel outside your local area, so even my family hadn't been to the house because we had moved from Renfrewshire. I had been feeling pretty lonely, and then as if by magic, Celine and John turned up at my door one evening a few weeks after we arrived with the most fantastic box of goodies for our family. I honestly would've hugged them had we been allowed! Now though, with all the help we've had from saas, particularly recently with Celine getting Daisy her apprenticeship, I feel like we're probably just part of the furniture and you're stuck with us.


Liz Hollywood

Committee Member

SAAS is an amazing charity that I've had the pleasure of being part of its like a big extended family and they have made me very welcome from the day that I asked ...Sharon about my son and she was able to help to make a diagnosis before the medical people helped me and was told things to put in place for him. I attended the SAAS meeting which helped a great deal as I felt less isolated . This charity does an amazing job helping all families and kids that see things differently and includes them in everything so they don't feel left out. They run charity events that are always great and entertaining. Always try to help out any way I can like we decided to do the sponsor step challenge was great for me to be more active and helped raise a good amount of money along with the sweet treat boxes I sold. Even though covid lockdowns the charity help all the families by doing online activities for the kids and adults as well joined in and also delivering food boxes to everyone this charity had been a lifeline to me and my kids .

Other Noteable People


SAASy Penguin


Hi, my name is SAASy Penguin. I am the mascot for SAAS because people with ASD tend to see things in Black and White....I also try to fly but can't which makes me a bit different from other birds, just like how people with ASD are a bit different from other people. I try to fly and I flap my wings, which is very similar to how people with ASD stim. they get 'flappy when happy' as I like to say.

The Igloo

2ed floor
Boswell House
Arthur St, Ayr




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